A Letter of Revelation (cast: 4f, 1m)

When Sarah receives a letter from her son telling her he's gay

she's a little put out the revelation came in the form of a letter,

but the fact that it's been delivered by mistake to her nosy neighbour is even worse!

Sarah's mother doesn't help either with her old fashioned views.

But there's a final twist in the tale when her son comes home that she certainly wasn't prepared for!
Dorset Drama League Festival Winner for best newcomer!

This play is exceptionally easy to stage and can be performed in any venue.

"This is a situation comedy that owes much to the groundwork laid by the redoutable talents of Alan Bennett and Victoria Wood."

"The author has a good ear for quirky dialogue."

"There are a lot of laughs for the cast and the director to get their teeth into."

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The licence costs £20.00 per performance

The Characters


40 something mum of two.


Nosy neighbour,

GP receptionist. Bossy & annoying!


Sarah's mum. Feisty, 70s with old fashioned views.


Sarah's son. 20s. Sporty, tall.


Sarah's daughter. 16-17, at school.

Jason & Kirsty can be played by younger members of the backstage crew as these are smaller parts.

The Setting

Present day. A kitchen.

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