The Bouncer & the Bus Pass

(cast: 1f 1m, 1 m or f)

At 55 Lizzie thinks she's going through the menopause so both she and her husband are shocked to find out she's actually pregnant!

But after finally accepting the unwelcome news there's one last twist in the tale!

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The Characters

The Doctor

Slightly off-the-wall and manic. Can be male or female.


55. The menopause is creeping up on her and she’s beginning to let herself go.


65. Lizzie’s husband. He actually looks a lot better than Lizzie, despite being older than her.

The Setting

A GP’s consulting room, present day. There’s a desk with a telephone on it and a computer and some chairs for all the characters to sit on.

About the Author

J L Cooke has been writing for the stage for over twenty years.

His award winning first play won the Barbarian's Award for best newcomer.

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