Boy Next Door (cast: 3f, 3m)

Two houses side by side; two teens completely in love.

But like all good love stories, they're destined never to be together...

Until they meet again thirty years later.

Terry is unhappily married but successul,trying to find what's lost from his life.

Susan is married to a dreamer who's made them lose everything.

Is the love they once had for each other still present?

Is it possible to recapture the happiness of their youth?

Is the boy next door the answer to Susan's problems?

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The Characters


16 and 46

Funny, caring, strong and proud. It's not always been easy, but Susan's a fighter. A tricky relationship with both her husband and her mother, but there's definately love there.

She forgives, she works hard and she's happy with her lot, despite what's happened. Can be played by the same actor if able to look younger/older.


16 and 46

He's the lad on the wrong path, the boy most likely to end up inside, except amazingly he turned his life around. At 46 he's done good. He's rich but he doesn't act it.

He's down to earth and genuine.Can be played by the same actor if able to look younger/older.


46 and 76

Susan's mother. She's harsh, opinionated, a touble-maker and the mother-in-law from hell, but she loves her daughter despite not always showing it.

Unintentionally funny she can be played by the same actor if appropriate.



Susan's husband. A dreamer. Has big plans which never come good. Never means to waste money or get it wrong, but always does.

Although he does always do things for the right reasons.



Terry's wife. A horrible person. She has afairs which Terry knows about. She thinks she's too good for Terry, but she likes his money!



An inept estate agent, who loses his job and then becomes a removal man. But he's not much better at that either. Scared, goofy, but a good bloke.

The Setting

The back yards of two houses side-by-side. This can be as difficult or as complicated as the director wishes.

The author has agreed to re-write where needed to accomodate a company's need..

About the Author

Letitia Hepburn has been writing for over twenty years, specialising in comedy and love stories. Boy Next Door is her first play which combines the two!

Away from writing she runs NHS Services and enjoys baking.

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