Dining Out (cast: 2M, 1F)

On their thirtieth anniversary Sharon and Bill enjoy a nice meal out in a restaurant. But whilst the food might be nice Sharon announces that she feels their marriage has gone stale and cold.

She's all for spicing things up by downloading Tinder and swiping left or right to bring other men into their relationship!

Bill's all for getting Sharon to move her knitting machine and putting a model railway in its place

to bring a bit of excitement into his life!

Will they find a way to bring the love back into their marriage or will the only spice in their lives be what's on the restaurant menu?

With just three members of the cast and a very simple set this play is very easy to stage and very easy to cast!

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The Characters


Outgoing and gregarious Sharon has got the point in her life where she wants nice things. She's dressed up for the restaurant but has missed the mark slightly! She sees her friends having more fun and wants the same in her life!


He's happy with his lot. He doesn't mind that he does the same things every day and he's a bit boring. He's uncomfortable in a nice restaurant and gets a bit loud.


The waiter. Young, handsome, and looks the part. He's very attentive and obliging but sometimes the facade slips.

The Setting

Present day. An easy to stage posh restaurant. Tables have white cloths and silverware. There is a bar to one side. This can be achieved in whatever simple way the production team wishes.

About the Authors

Sue Coussy and James Leyland have over twenty years' experience in writing for the stage. Reviews of their plays have always commented on how funny their dialogue is and how they write great parts for actors.

They enjoy writing comedy and are currently working on a comedy thriller novel.

Away from their writing partnership Sue is an accomplished artist, exhibiting her work every year. James is a keen gardener.

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