Privacy Policy

Peninsula Publications will always keep your data safe and we are committed to protecting personal information we hold about our customers, newsletter subscribers, website users or any other data subjects whose personal information we hold.

Our Commitment to you

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information in accordance with current legislation and we will be responsible, relevant and secure when using your data.

Whenever you provide personal information we will treat that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will process the personal information you have supplied to us only for our legitimate interests. That is, for the purposes of promoting our plays, selling you our plays and their performance rights and reading any plays you send to us with the view to them being published by us. We will endeavour at all times to keep your data accurate and secure, and to honour your data preferences with regard to receipt of our direct marketing by email and will remove you from our subscribers lists whenever you wish us to.

Our website is run by Peninsula Publications, but hosted by Moonfruit. Moonfruit will never be in receipt of your data as any communication you will have with us will be to Peninsula Publications direction and vice versa. Moonfruit websites may well use cookies and so we suggest you ensure you modify your preferences to suit your needs.

We will never transfer your personal data to anyone outside of Peninsula Publications.

Your personal data will not be disclosed to any institution or authority except if required by law or other regulation. Before we release data on this basis, we will ensure that the information is being provided to a genuine and properly authorised investigation.

We reserve the right to revise or amend this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes to our business or changes in the law. Where these changes are significant we will endeavour to email all of our registered users to make sure that they are informed of such changes. However, it is your responsibility to check this Privacy Policy before each use of the Website.

What Data we may collect

Ordinarily we will only collect your email address for the purposes of communication and sending plays and licences to you. We will also use your email address to send you communication newsletters.

We utilise PayPal as our means of securing your payment for services and therefore we are not privy to your bank details.

Prospective authors can be assured that their work will be handled confidentially and will remain within Peninsula Publications for only as long as we consider publishing your work. We will never divulge any of your details to anyone else nor will we ever discuss your work or forward it to anyone outside the business.

Right of Access

You may, at any time, request access to the personal data that we hold which relates to you (you may have heard of this right being described as a subject access request”).

Please note that this right entitles you to receive a copy of the personal data that we hold about you in order to enable you to check that it is correct and to ensure that we are processing that personal data lawfully. It is not a right that allows you to request personal data about other people, or a right to request specific documents from us that do not relate to your personal data.

You can exercise this right at any time by writing to us using the contact us page and telling us that you are making a subject access request. You do not have to fill in a specific form to make this kind of request.

You may, at any time, request that we correct personal data that we hold about you which you believe is incorrect or inaccurate. You may also ask us to erase personal data if you do not believe that we need to continue retaining it (you may have heard of this right described as the “right to be forgotten”).

Please note that we may ask you to verify any new data that you provide to us and may take our own steps to check that the new data you have supplied us with is right. Further, we are not always obliged to erase personal data when asked to do so; if for any reason we believe that we have a good legal reason to continue processing personal data that you ask us to erase we will tell you what that reason is at the time we respond to your request.

You can exercise this right at any time by writing to us using the contact us page and telling us that you are making a request to have your personal data rectified or erased and on what basis you are making that request. If you want us to replace inaccurate data with new data, you should tell us what that new data is. You do not have to fill in a specific form to make this kind of request.

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