Purgatory's Just Round the Corner

(cast: tailored to your needs)

There are two versions of this play! One with a male as the main character and one with a female as the main character!

The plot is slightly different to account for the changes, but the staging and laughter remains the same!

Hapless Nigel/haughty Bryony is dead but his/her problems are just beginning! He's/she's met in the afterlife by an angel with the words, "Well this'll be your home from now on..."

Proving that there's life after death this hilarious play is "dead" funny and heavenly to stage!


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The Set

This play doesn't have a set!

It's very easy to stage!

The main character can be either male or female and the supporting character the same!

Why not mix things up a bit and stage both versions of the play!

About the Author

J L Cooke has been writing for the stage for over twenty years.

His first play won the Barbarian's Award for best newcomer and he's been winning them ever since!

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