The End is "Neigh" (2f, 1m)

The end of the world has been announced!

Whilst Claire worries she's done nothing with her life and is upset about how unfair it all is, her mum Liz just wants to know whether she can get something for her bloating before everything from Boots has been looted.

Her husband Charlie wants to know if he'll be back from Pilates in time (he's paid for a whole year after all and won't be able to get his money back now!)

Despite it all, they're pleased they're all together at the end... even though revelations start to tumble out!

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The Characters


Mother and wife... a martyr to her wind!


Liz's daughter. Successful businesswoman.


Father and husband... would prefer the end of the world to another Poll Tax!

The Setting

Present day. A sitting room.

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