Unhappy Medium (cast: 4f)

Three members of a local Ladies’ Guild get more than they bargain for when a psychic booked for one of their evenings turns out to be uncannily accurate in this "dead silly" comedy.

This play is exceptionally easy to stage and can be performed in any venue.

“A play in which the Hobnobs can’t be got out of the safe because no one knows the combination, has got a lot going for it!”

“The medium in this piece could give Madame Arcati a lesson in mischief-making!”

“This play is seriously funny!”

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The Characters


Dopey but loveable. Can be played by an actor of any age because at times she’s so childlike.


Butch and stern. Hardended by life. In no way feminine.


A sterotypical psychic and – at first – an utter fraud… until the spirits do actually start to talk through her with various voices and accents.


Frail and elderly. she doesn’t say anything, but her face says it all…

The Setting

Present day. The Little Foukingham War Memorial Hall, set for a meeting of the Little Foukingham Ladies’ Guild.

About the Authors

Sue Coussy and James Leyland have over twenty years' experience in writing for the stage. Reviews of their plays have always commented on how funny their dialogue is and how they write great parts for actors.

They enjoy writing comedy and are currently working on a comedy thriller novel.

Away from their writing partnership Sue is an accomplished artist, exhibiting her work every year. James is a keen gardener.

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