Uninvited Guests (cast: 3f, 2m)

Pam's got her dates wrong - and has also confused "swinging" for a type of dance craze... which is why members of the local wife swapping group turn up on her doorstep on the same night as a committee meeting of the local am-dram group!

Can Pam keep everything secret, or will the secrets of all those gathered start to spill out...?

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Late middle-aged. Widowed worrier, often flustered and can’t say no.

The Guest

A stereotypical medallion man who oozes lust. Has a phoney Spanish/Italian accent and is not all he seems.


Chairman of the Crabtree Players. Holds himself in high esteem.


Late middle-aged and often innocently scatty. Mother of LIZ.


Thirties and often abrupt and abrasive. Daughter of VAL. She despairs of her mother.

The Setting

Pam’s living room. Modern day. Early evening.

About the Author

J L Cooke has been writing for the stage for over twenty years.

His first play won the Barbarian's Award for best newcomer and he's been winning them ever since!

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