Visiting Hours (cast: 3f, 1m 1 m or f)

Geoffrey is dying.

But his calm and dignified exit is hindered by his visitors; Vera, who thinks it should be her in hospital,

Margaret, the daughter from hell and Joyce, Geoffrey’s wife, who can’t cope without him.

Lessons in life are learnt by them all when Geoffrey finally departs…

This play is exceptionally easy to stage and can be performed in any venue.

“A great script – it’s funny and dark."

"Unusual and the plot is engaging."

“A darkly comic piece.”

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The Characters


The patient. Silent throughout the play, but he communicates through facial expression, grunts of pain, sighs of exasperation at his visitors and body language.


Greedy, nasty and self-obsessed. The “career” visitor who’s made a habit of befriending strangers in hospitals to get in their wills…

The Nurse

Can be played by male or female actor. Genuinely cares for the patients over the whims of demanding visitors.


Geoffrey’s daughter, but not of the dutiful kind. Finds her father’s condition a bit of an intrusion into her life with her much older boyfriend. Angry and agitated.


Geoffrey’s wife. At first the “mouse” who can’t cope with Geoffrey’s illness and her life alone at home, but who eventually finds inner strength to face up to the future and those around her.

The Setting

Initially a private ward in a hospital, but later Geoffrey is moved to a mixed one. The set can remain the same however, the action and dialogue will convey that he has been moved.

About the Authors

Sue Coussy and James Leyland have over twenty years' experience in writing for the stage. Reviews of their plays have always commented on how funny their dialogue is and how they write great parts for actors.

They enjoy writing comedy and are currently working on a comedy thriller novel.

Away from their writing partnership Sue is an accomplished artist, exhibiting her work every year. James is a keen gardener.

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